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Social Human History only goes back so far. If we look we find accounts going back to 6000-8000 years BCE. Those were the days that we walked and talked with gods. Humans are led to believe that we’re the most technological civilization ever, and that our gods have cosmic powers. But as we approach the understanding of science and genetics, we realize that godlike powers are just the nature of the universe.

Evidence of Genetics Tampering?

Evidence for genetics tampering of the human species is right before your eyes. Statistics that prove that such an unearthly thing could have happened sometime in mankind’s distant past are very similar to the statistics that could be gathered for a genetic bottleneck. Homo Sapiens have evidence for several genetic bottlenecks throughout the ages past. Why not consider the possibility that one or more of those losses in genetic diversity was the event that made mankind sentient? 12803269_1567368056920326_3859332542475677056_n

These photos above are reliefs found in temples at the seats of human history in Egypt that show the god Khnum fashioning humans on a potter’s wheel. The Greek legends of Zeus and Hercules come to mind. The gods eventually knew human women in the biblical sense and begat the Nephilim, who were gods among men. Our genetics become our historical record.

Alexandre the Great, Gilgamish, Utnapishtim, Enoch, and even possibly Jesus Christ have been “uplifted” genetically by the gods. Their genetic legacies are no longer stuck with inbreeding as they are watered down by melting pots all over the world because travel and communication has now become effortless. When has this happened before?

Vast Distances

How many of the gods of legend came from a past civilization here on Earth? Could a god travel from a nearby star system? We now have scientific proof that most, if not nearly all stars possess satellites, yet our view is not so precise as to be able to identify many Earth-like conditions.

This week in 2016, humans found a planet in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri. At 4.25 light-years distance from us, we call it Proxima B. It orbits in the theoretical habitable zone of this red dwarf star, our nearest stellar neighbor in the galaxy. This is a great find indeed!

Not bad for a bunch of humans, huh?


I’m not saying the gods came from Proxima B, what I am suggesting is that there are several ways that a sapient technological civilization could have interacted with the human race. When the Drake Equation is solved, then we can know exactly how many were involved.

The question remains…”Where are they?”

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