THE AWAKENING WORLD: The Return of the Divine Feminine

THE AWAKENING WORLD: The Return of the Divine Feminine is a new book by Karen Seva, CPC, MDiv, MSW – RELEASED TODAY! The following are passages excerpted from the book.

It is being heralded by the sunlight, whispered on the winds, danced by the leaves on the trees, sung by the flowers – announced by the chaos ensuing in societal run structures – Change is here! A new day is dawning. The World is Awakening!

We are at the crux of great global change. A change which requires all of us in order for our world to survive and thrive. We are being asked to hear, once again, the voices of the forgotten – the earth, the native peoples, the water, the winds, the Great Mother herself. We are being called higher to see a new world emerging through the light of the coming dawn.

“The Awakening World” reinstates the voice of the Divine Feminine into the discussion of Enlightenment as a means of impacting the evolution of human consciousness and the continuation of life on earth.

What is Awakening? What is Enlightenment? An age old question – spanning time immemorial.

Awakening is given different names in different cultures – Enlightenment, Samadhi, Nirvana, Moksha, Bodhi, Kevala Jnana. Simply put, this is the state of full understanding.

What we have learned of enlightenment has been through the eyes of those who have succeeded in the withdrawal from the world, the renunciation of all pleasures and desires, so as to reach a steady state of pure bliss beyond the world of form – a timeless space of peace and tranquility.

So, in terms of enlightenment, what is the model that we have come to understand?

We read about enlightened yogis or holy men who have traveled into the mountains or the forests, left their families in order to seek something greater, something more lasting. When we look at the authors of the books and these enlightened masters themselves – who are they? They are primarily men. The stories we have been told are those of individualism, warrior mentality and the need to overcome. Time, space, primal desires, the world itself are to be conquered.

Humanity, as a collective, is emerging out of a predominantly masculine paradigm, out of the era of individualism and the lone wolf mentality. We are coming into a time of greater archetypal balance between the masculine and the feminine energies. With balance, comes the restoration of other pieces of the puzzle that we may have missed along the way.

As our world is waking up, what are the other parts of the story? What is the story of the Earth herself, the Divine Mother? How does the reinsertion of her perspective shift our awareness and experience of Awakening and our access to It? How does our expanded awareness impact the evolution of human consciousness and life on Earth?

The story of the Enlightened Mother, of the Enlightened Feminine is the woman’s parallel journey in the evolution of human consciousness.

In the world of duality – there are are two halves that make a whole. When we examine the primary historical model of enlightenment in the context that it is only half the story – it leaves us open to new possibilities. There exists a female counterpart to the male model of overcoming and conquering. Women have been playing out a part of the collective saga leading us toward something greater.

Therefore, what does enlightenment then look like through the lens of a woman? How can the reintegration of this half of the whole not bring greater balance and more healing to the world?

Women are mothers. The portals through which human life enters this Earth plane. They are the caretakers of the young. The heart of the family. What if the love of the Mother represents a new paradigm of enlightenment that involves – not leaving the world – but staying in it? Actually, the continuation of life on Earth is necessitated by her act of STAYING and allowing the Divine Love to be anchored in the world through her participation HERE.

There is a new conversation brewing. There is a new dialogue taking shape in hearths and homes around the world. With the current state of affairs – poverty, natural disasters, global warming, the diminishing of our top soil, deforestation, the mining of Earth, the oil spills, the contamination of our waters – there is a message emerging, at first in just a whisper, and now LOUD and CLEAR.

If we continue to seek to leave our world, what world will we have left?

What if the reintegration of the feminine counterpart of Enlightenment is an essential component in shifting our relationship to our planet and to each other in just a radical enough way to SAVE it?

On a mundane and unconscious level, by throwing waste aside on the street, by not caring for the hearts and feelings of our loved ones or of strangers, by the supposition that what is happening in the world or in our communities has nothing to do with us, by retreating into drugs, alcohol, TV, movies, media – we are demonstrating that the world we live in is not the one we want; that the world we live in doesn’t matter. What happens if again and again by our lack of presence and conscious choice we deny the world we live in?

On a highly spiritual plane, by denying the “reality” of the maya of existence, by seeking to withdraw all energy from this physical material plane, by leaving our families and renouncing the world – we are demonstrating that the world we live in is not the one we want. What happens if again and again by our lack of presence and choice to participate in this field of existence we deny the world we live in?

One day years ago while walking down the street in New York City it occurred to me – what good is using this world to seek enlightenment, if there is no world to be born into?

In my mind, I heard the spiritual debate…
“Once we are enlightened we won’t need a world to be born into.” I asked, but what about those others who are in this world and not enlightened? What happens to them? I heard in my mind, “once you are enlightened you will know there is no one else”. Yet, the reality that hit me and that brought this line of questioning into focus is the fact that I have children. While I am enmeshed in this higher spiritual debate, they are living in a world that is deteriorating and they need me. That must mean something! Even if, in some alternate expression of my existence, my karma doesn’t necessitate the birth of children – this one did, so how can I make the best of it?

Perhaps, instead of seeking to leave – through whatever kind of material or spiritual escapism, we choose to STAY – not just stay in the muck and the mire, but stay because we have something the world needs. Each and every one of us has been born into this world with a gift to give. We each have a piece of the puzzle with which we can make the world BETTER. WE are the bridge to a new world – to clean water, to clean air, to no more war, to community harmony, to education, to health, to a safe world for our children.

Every choice, thought, feeling, action, desire, hope, dream and wish that we have is an opportunity to help heal the world!

Enlightenment, Awakening is available in the moment – by choosing to be in it – 100%! By doing our best with what we have!

RIGHT NOW is the SUM of every hope, dream, and intention that we have ever made! Right now is the pathway to our dreams coming true. Right now! Simultaneously, looking up towards the Highest Heavens AND down towards the Earth. Increasing our compassion. Treating each other with kindness. Treating the Earth with kindness. Bringing consciousness to all our actions. Realizing God AND remembering humanity – for we are one and the same. In this process, the world changes for the BETTER. Any one of us can only truly be FREE when ALL of us are FREE.

As we embody the warrior strength of the father by standing up for what is right AND embody the compassion and care of the mother, we find our way to our truth – our truth which is Divine Truth. EACH and EVERY ONE of us has this fire of greatness within.

Humanity needs ALL of us to FULLY PARTICIPATE in order for the world to BE its highest expression. The world NEEDS us to STAY and bring the energy of AWAKENING TO THE EARTH – so that IT MAY LIVE – and LIFE MAY CONTINUE!

To purchase this book in its entirety, “The Awakening World: The Return of the Divine Feminine” by Karen Seva, CPC, MDiv, MSW for a limited time price of $1,

Blessings and Namaste!

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Kirsten is a writer who loves to practice vipassana meditation, yoga, travel, and learning about nature, consciousness, and how to make the world a better place. Her current interests involve studying and practicing flow, staying In Flow, and recognizing the natural flow of the universe. Kirsten loves to learn about the holistic healing arts. She is also interested in ancient cultures and practices such as Druidism. Kirsten is honored to be apart of such an incredible movement of love and heart centered living in this world.

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