Focusing on the right numbers isn’t always easy in social media but it is important to make sure that you are looking at the numbers that most directly impact your goals first. 

Which Social Media Numbers Should I look at?

If your goal is community building then you want to keep an eye on followers, engagement, and reach. Your personal touch will matter so much as a small business or brand owner. Where the big companies can outpace us in ad spend we can out heart them with a personal touch. Make sure you are taking the time to answer questions and inviting people to follow your page long term.

This tip, about nurturing your audience, actually plays right into the next goal category which is driving traffic. If your primary goal is to drive traffic then you need to focus on creating that personal touch or impact that evokes action. You want to make sure your cover images, titles, captions, and call to actions show your demographic that they are seen, heard, and understood. If they see themselves in the content then they will be more much likely to sign up for that newsletter, join the community, or purchase a product.

While you are focusing on audience building you may want to make sure that you are in and on the right platform where your demographic is hanging out.

Facebook Algorithm Nov 27, 2020

Demographic: 43% female and 57% male, on the internet 83% of Women & 75% of Men use Facebook, Average Facebook user has 155 “friends”. 62% of online Seniors aged 65+ are on Facebook and 72% are between age 50-64, 2.37 billion monthly active users.

Reach and engagement has been down for many people on this platform. It has been much harder to get content, especially organic content seen. Keep focusing on the individual impact that you can have on each person who interacts with your page. Is it time for a style update? Do you need some user experience feedback? Do it! 

Videos continue to underperform right now on the platform. As much as Facebook has centralized their platform around videos it has become increasingly harder to get the same amount of traction that we were getting last spring and in previous years. Surprisingly text-only posts and images aka memes are still the highest performing type of content. Try sharing an image, meme, or infographics a few hours before an offer, link, or article to get more eyes on it. 

Another trick that is really helping my clients grow right now is making memes from lists and important points inside of an article. Then when people ask questions in the comments below the meme, drive them to the article that gives them more info about it. 

Example text only: See how we used the comments to nurture growth and, when appropriate, drive traffic to relevant articles. Just make sure to track everything with UTM codes if you want to know which links worked.

Example Meme: Look at the comments of this Facebook post and see how we used it as a tool to drive tracked traffic to the relevant article. It was much more effective than posting the article on the wall.

Instagram Algorithm Nov 27, 2020

Demographic: 1 Billion Monthly Users, 500 m daily, 64% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram.

Right now Instagram is still blocking many hashtags that are not relevant to the election in order to stop the spread of “misinformation”. This has made it harder to reach new people and followers. I still recommend making sure you are leveraging stories, giving a lot of value in your captions, and commenting on your follower’s relevant posts. 

I have found a lot of value in reading nearly entire articles in the caption of interesting Instagram posts that applied to me and whenever content grabs my attention I ask myself “why”. “What was it about that post that interested me?” “Did I want to take action?” This helps me slow down and create quality over quantity in my own social media efforts.

TikTok Algorithm Nov 27, 2020

Demographic: 41% 16-24 years old, 56% male, 44% female, 1 billion users.

You really need to know this platform to use it well. If you want a great example check out the San Diego zoo page. They know how to capture the subculture of TikTok while also showing off their brand of wild animals at the same time. It is absolutely brilliant the way they show the users that they know how to play the game of what sounds are trending and using good storytelling. 

Speaking of storytelling, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your camera work is, if you cannot tell a good story with your one min or less video, people WILL NOT wait around to watch it all the way through. You need to have some sort of witty, creative, or unique ending so that every time your content comes up on their timeline viewers are excited to engage till the end. Remember TikTok rewards those who watch all the way through till the end.

Also, use hashtags about the topics you are using your content. I see so many hashtags that won’t help the algorithm get your content in front of your demographic. If you need help with this please comment in our Facebook group

Twitter Algorithm Nov 27, 2020

Demographic: 321 million monthly users, 34% of Twitter users are females and 66% are males.

Twitter is rewarding users for using more images right now. Just remember that the images need to be in a wider format in order to display well on the platform. Twitter image size: 1024 x 512.

Also, make sure you are commenting on and retweeting people using your core pillar content topic hashtags.

LinkedIn Algorithm Nov 27, 2020

Demographic: 57% of male users and 43% female 25% of Millennials, 260 million monthly active users.

Keep connecting, I honestly wouldn’t hold back accepting connections because it means more people will see your content. Also using hashtags such as #contentcreator can help your content be seen by a broader audience. 

Focus your content in a way that feels valuable and really connects with a person’s professional life. If you are in the health, mental health, or fitness space think about how having good health can impact the longevity of a career. For example, if I haven’t worked out, or my gut health is off, then I can’t focus. This means I am not motivated to hit my goals. That is where you come in to support, coach, or guide me to a better version of myself so I can keep smashing my goals at work.

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