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Do you want to understand what was going on in your life and forecast how you will feel on an important day in the future? I have found one of the best tools for understanding yourself and it all comes down to the specific day that you were born. This Biorhythm chart will help.

While many people rely on astrology or just plain luck to determine the underlying factors that may influence their day there is a highly refined tool that can help you see what’s coming, explain the past, and help you honor yourself in the present. While it is true that in the end, you will choose how you respond to your day, it is useful to know about the many different factors that can influence us.

Main Types of Biorhythms

The Biorhythm chart will help you see your own personalized graph or biological clock of rhythms which are broken up into four main categories.

Physical biorhythm is for tracking your physical health, power, endurance, and strength. If you find yourself getting sick or sluggish on the low cycles this is why.

Emotional biorhythm is good for measuring how you will be feeling that day. If you are too positive or too negative you may find instability in your life. If the rhythm is high you may find that everything is extremely intense for you.  Whereas if the rhythm is low you may find yourself to be more emotionally numb and unable to empathize well with other people.

Intellectual biorhythm is for measuring our creativity, logical, verbal, and the mathematical areas of our mind. Our ability to make good decisions analyze what is happening and predict what is coming is influenced when this biorhythm is low.

Intuitive biorhythm is the rhythm of our subconscious mind and helps us to better turn into our intuition, instincts, and other forms of data not readily available to our mind.

Having a high biorhythm on the chart isn’t necessarily good while having a low biorhythm isn’t necessarily bad. It all comes down to the intensity and influence of that rhythm on that day. I personally find that when my rhythms are centered on the chart I am the most optimal.

Business and Sucess

Knowing what is coming in your chart can help you create more success in your life or business. Not only can you plan that important meeting for a “sunny day’ in your chart but you can make sure that you are focused on self-care on the days when you know you are going to be too low or too high to function at your optimal levels.

Families Partnerships and Avoiding Fights:

When you are sensitive or you can see that some around you is feeling sensitive you can be more aware and supportive others. I have had many times in my home where we pause an escalating conversation to check the biorhythm charts. Once we do that we gain greater awareness and work to tune into what each other need in order to thrive.

It is through understanding, compassion, and focusing out that we can create the best relationships of our life and it is always awesome to have an extra tool to add awareness to the conversation.

Biorhythm Breakdown

Primary biorhythms: physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive cycles. Critical days are marked with red stars and you are going to walk to click on that day to learn more about what is going on and what the program recommends for your self-care.

Biorhythm widget free

We also have “sunny days” which is when the waves are going our way. You can see that section on the left region of the chart below with the green bars. The program will also explain the good things you have to look forward to and when it is optimal for you to plan intense days in your life.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.25.33 PM

“You can create, save and print out a detailed personal forecast that will help you to plan your future. The form has four tabs:

  • Sunny days: use it to find the days when some or all of your abilities are high.

  • Rainy days: use it to find the days when some or all of your abilities are low.

  • Critical days: will help you to find the critical days when your abilities are unstable.

  • Stresses: may useful to predict a stressful situation.” -Biorhythms

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.25.44 PM

The basic rhythms aren’t the only factors you should be aware of. Once you get familiar with your basic chart take a look at the secondary and extra biorhythms such as mastery, passion, wisdom, percept, psychic, and success!

Biorhythm widget free

There are all kinds of incredible tools at your disposal here that you can download. If you don’t have a PC or just want to take a look then check out your daily chart here on the website!

Let us know what you found in the comments below.

More info on how to read the chat here.

Check out their blog here!

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