How You Can Use Chamomile Tea Bags to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles in Minutes

Sometimes the long nights and stressful days start to add up and we realize that not only do we feel exhausted but the wear and tear is starting to show on the outside. Now that the evidence is clear that we need a break and some self-care let’s make sure in addition to resting our mind and soul we take care of our body as well.

Using Chamomile for Gentle Healing

Chamomile is a wonderful herb that is known for its ability to gently heal the body and soothe the soul. 26 countries medical authorities have approved the use of chamomile to aid in the healing of infection, inflammation, tension, muscle spasms, colic, and indigestion.

This incredible little plant contains many important parts that can aid in its ability to heal the body and soothe the mind including flavonoids, tannins, bitter glycosides, salicylates, coumarins, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, azulene and other volatile oils.

Warning: Some people have reported that they are allergic to this herb. If you notice a scratchy throat, runny nose, itchy ears or eyes stop using it.

Ease Pain and Inflammation

Azulene is an incredible volatile oil within the chamomile plant which can be used as an antifever and anti-inflammatory aid. This makes it perfect for aiding in all kinds of inflammatory issues such as arthritis and digestive problems.

In fact, in one clinical study, they found that 10 out of 12 people who had a cup of chamomile tea every night before bed instead of their regular pain medicine were able to fall into a deep and restful sleep within 10 minutes. In this study, the pain medicine was for general pains, aches, arthritis, and headaches.

We recommend talking with your doctor before making any switches for serious conditions or prescription medicine but if you use regularly over the counter pain reliever at home then this may be a more natural approach that will have a lot fewer side effects one your stomach and liver in the long run.


Digestion and Nervous System

Other studies have also shown the power of chamomile in supporting proper function of our nervous and digestive system! Chamomile tea, which you can make at home or get from almost any health food or grocery store, is great for calming the nerves, easing stress and helping you sleep.

Often times when I am stressed the first thing to go is my ability to fall asleep and rest easily. If nothing else, having chamomile help us to sleep can greatly influence our bodies own natural ability to heal us.

Since a stressful mind and an upset gut go hand-in-hand it is no wonder why Chamomile also helps with colic and digestive issues.

Other Uses!

In addition, to being an incredible tea this healing herb is great to add to your bath, eye packs or as a massage oil.

Healing Chamomile Eye Packs!

If you are experiencing puffiness, dark circles, strain or stress around your eyes then you may enjoy the healing effects of chamomile eye packs.



Grab two bags of chamomile tea and put them in hot water. Let them become saturated for a few minutes and then remove them from the water allowing them to cool to a more tolerable temperature for your sensitive eye area.

How to Use the Packs:

Lie back, relax and close your eyes. Place one tea pack on each eye and allow them to sit there for around 15 to 20 minutes. Since the skin is a huge absorption site for medicinal herbs the time will allow the chamomile to work both topically and throughout the various skin layers around the eye.

Quick tip!

One thing I like to do is to maximize the healing power of the chamomile tea by making it into tea first. Then I will remove the tea bags and while they are cooling I will enjoy the soothing power of the tea by drinking it. Then once my tea is finished I will lay back and enjoy the tea packs on my eyes so the power of the plant can work both inside and out!

Let us know how it works for you in the comments below!

Sources- Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs 2012, p. 117-120

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