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Jason Silva is absolutely fascinated with flow states which he uses in his work all the time. Though there are many different ways that people get into a flow state, use flow, and hack their own flow states this inspirational man is curious just like many of us what is really going on inside the mind and what we can do to activate flow.

Jason Silva is a media artist, futurist, philosopher, keynote speaker and TV personality.
He is the creator of Shots of Awe, a short film series of “trailers for the mind” that serve as philosophical espresso shots exploring innovation, technology creativity, futurism and the metaphysics of the imagination.
Shots of Awe has received more than 13 million views. He is also the Emmy nominated host of National Geographic Channel’s hit TV series Brain Games, airing in over 100 countries.-thisisjasonsilva.com

In the video below Jason Silva talks about the Flow Genome Project where Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal are tackling the biohacking project of finding flow in their labs and seeing if we as a species can train our mind to activate and use the full potential of flow.

Flow Genome Project is a interdisciplinary, global organization committed to mapping the genome of Flow by 2020 and open sourcing it to everyone. –flowgenomeproject.com

Learn more about flow states check out this link here!



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