How to make Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a wonderful plant, its healing properties can heal severe burns all the way to helping to promote tissue repair. Aloe vera is definitely a plant that is a must to have at your home so you can take advantage of its amazing healing benefits, which are further extended when making aloe vera gel.

Growing Aloe Vera

If you are considering growing your own aloe vera then you must know that it is a must in every household. It’s succulent, large, and bladelike leaves help to make it a very beautiful potted plant, sitting in a nice south-facing and sunny window. You may be wondering where aloe vera grows the best.

Well, Aloe tends to be a sun-loving native plant to warm, dry regions of our beautiful world and can be quite hardy and can even survive outdoors and cooler temperatures. When you looking at the best kind of soil for your aloe vera, then you want to look for sandy and well-drained soil, that also gets plenty of full sunlight. But if you do not have the best set up, then it will be alright, the aloe vera is quite the stalwart plant and can survive in less than ideal conditions. Aloe vera is simply one of the easiest household plants to grow.

How to make Aloe Vera Gel

The gel or juice of the pulp within the leaves of the aloe vera plant are one of the most soothing, healing remedies for wounds, burns, and skin irritation, nothing can beat fresh aloe vera gel.


First, you will want to cut a firm, large leaf from your aloe plant. Now you will slice it open; I have found that the easiest way to do this is on a plate, since as soon as you pierce the side of the aloe, it will then begin to ooze out its gel.

Now you will use a tablespoon to scoop out the inner gel, and if you are seeking for a smoother gel, you can always puree it in a blender. Now that you have prepared your gel, you can store it in a small bottle in the refrigerator, where you will be able to keep it for at least several weeks. One of the best ways I have used aloe vera is in an amazing Lemon Balm/ aloe vera mix!

How to use your aloe gel

For the use of your new gel it’s pretty simple, if you get a wound, burn, or even skin irritation, then simply apply your gel to the affected area. You will immediately start to feel a wonderful soothing and cooling sensation while it starts repairing and healing damaged tissue. When your aloe gel starts to dry up, it will begin to pull and tighten your skin a bit. It’s all good because it’s just part of the healing process, but if it does become uncomfortable then gently rinse the aloe off. Lastly, just repeat the application process several times a day as needed!

We here at In flow community hope that this quick little guide and others like it have been of some help throughout your day. Aloe vera is such a wonderful plant. There is actually a drink I was able to find in California that had coconut water with aloe vera in it, and probably is still my favorite drink out there!

Throughout your life’s journey have you been able to find any other awesome ways to use aloe vera or some tips and tricks about it? We would love to hear all about them in the comments below. We hope you have a wonderful day, or already had one, and that it was full of love, light, and personal growth.

Sources: Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs 2012, P. 102-105

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  • Our canine baby, Yorkshire terrier has terrible allergies that which manifests in skin itch which would drive her to the point of insanity. The veterinarian had her on all kinds odd medications which we did not like for her system and our pocketbook. I bought an aloe Vera plant and started using it on her when she would have a flare up. It gives her instant relief from the itch which allows the skin to heal. My one plant made babies and I now have 9 plants and the mother plant just made ten more babies which I haven’t propagated into their own pots yet. I love this wonderful plant and am going to try a bunch more recipes for its use.

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