Understanding and Transforming Thoughts of Doubt and Confusion

It is easy for one to feel confused in today’s world and if you find yourself feeling this way then you are one of the numerous many who feel the same way. If you find it difficult to find your divine voice, purpose, and talents then you are not alone.

First off, your life belongs to you and you are who you have been waiting for, know this to be true. Sit with this knowing and embrace its truth.

One thing that can help us find our center again is to never compare yourself to anyone else. When we compare our self to others who seem to have it all figured out it can cause us to feel like we missed out on something very important.

Idolizing others is not a bad thing. In fact, it is good to set goals for yourself based on what we like and see in others. The damage exists in when feelings of self-doubt creep into the mind from comparing. Self-doubt can cause one to feel as if they are spinning their wheels in the mud. Power and confidence come seldom when one is in this space.

When we step into our power without the need to check in and compare with others we may idolize we can begin to hear our inner voice. Stepping into our power is transparency, love, and acceptance of self.

The ego (or image of self) has a way of grabbing onto to ideas of what we think we know about ourself (or the image we want, based on ego desires) in order to appeal to the world around us.

It is an ancient strategy to be loved and liked. Think of everything you may have learned, bought, thought about in order to “seem” smart, cool, or valuable. The inner voice is somewhere in between all the noise and the stillness of Now.

The image is centralized in the exterior world. We must pull our attention out of the physical matrix and into the now, into our inner world.

Simply taking deep breaths from the lower abdomen with a genuine smile can help recenter and ground you back into your own power. Smiling helps to raise the frequency out of the lower densities our thoughts can find them self in.

Let go of what we expect things to be(or ego ideas/image we reluctantly hold onto)  so that we can embrace what is.
The golden ticket is in the now.

Our energy can find itself invested in self-image and interests that do not fulfill the soul when we do not have a clear and grounded knowing of who and what we are. Having our energy invested in false images can feel like parts of oneself and energy is stuck in compartments that separate the self, in projects and ideas that will never be brought into fruition because of the purpose they were created. This causes self-doubt and loss of energy and motivation.

So what are some things that we can do so that we can utilize every moment, thought, and idea that comes into our energy field?

Pull your energy and pieces of self back into your center and accept, see, and love each part as if you are protecting a small fragile child. It can help to write out everything you feel your energy is invested in at the moment. You could mark which ones are the highest priority/true self and which ones are filler image ideas of self.

Do this without shame or guilt, these emotions will not help you rise above the densities. Instead, guilt and shame are traps of the ego. The ego is not something to hate on either. Its main purpose was created to protect the individual from possible damage or trouble.

The false image does not create, you do.

Your thoughts, opinions, perception, and perspective create the reality you find yourself in. If you want to change the world you see around you then you must start here with all of the false ideas of self.

Know what is yours and what is not. Quiet the mind chatter and try to understand what is important to you and what is not. This technique can be fun because we can learn a lot about yourself.

I like to call it energy dissection. Peeling the layers and veils of illusion to get to the inner gold, the inner you, the Now that is rightfully yours to embrace.

This world is confusing. We are constantly being told how to look, dress, act, speak, think, and want. All humans want to do good and make the right choices to feel desired and be on good stature with those around us. If you find yourself with a strong urge to be loved and liked, even if that means wearing false image like a sweater that does not fit right.

One thing I would like to discuss is the nature of life. The flow, the pendulum of life, the swing; these are all a part of this valuable and important experience we call the Human experience. The things that may cause one to feel low and doubt do not have to mean that you are lesser than or behind. In fact, it does not have to mean anything besides the fact that you are alive.


In life we are creating a full range of emotions, not all are considered pleasurable. The roughest paths reveal the most beautiful results. Think about hiking up a mountain to get to the view that waits atop for instance. I am sure the climb does not feel all that good, but once we reach the destination we see how it was worth every step.

What if we are all just wearing masks? What if no one truly has their shit (for lack of a better word) together? What if this is a part of life? What if the damage we do to ourself when we feel doubt, low confidence, and self-hate never had to be that way? Why is it this way?

If we can ask ourself these questions with a truly transparent and honest heart, we will feel a natural resonance in the truth of what this means.

Do unto others as you would like to be done to you. If you can play your part in loving others and yourself with acceptance and wisdom then you are doing your part to clear this separation of self, and the world around you, to bring forth a more loving and powerful experience for us all.

This is not something to put off and is one reason we find ourself in this confusing space collectively.

When you find yourself in an energy depleting situation that may leave you feeling drained and full of low energy, ask yourself what is the end result you are after and how much does this mean to you.

You can only begin to transform your thoughts when you know what you want and are truly willing to do anything you can to get yourself there.

The Law of Action.

Much love to you

thank you for your time

Amanda Nix

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