What it means to see ‘Black’ in an Aura

Seeing a black aura can mean many things. The way we see auras can take on many forms. Traditionally, an aura is an energy a person or living being emanates. Sometimes this energy is perceived by the sensitive as having distinct colors. Other times, auras are colors we see in the mind’s eye rather than a literal cloud of color, and they flash as a first impression when we meet a person or see a picture. The last major method for seeing auras is observing perceived infections of light around the eyes of a person and then using those impressions that your subconscious mind picks up on in order to read into what a person is feeling.

Understanding Auras May Be the Next Level of Emotional Intelligence

Being able to see and ‘sense’ auras is a powerful gift that can really help increase your emotional intelligence. Imagine walking into a room and very quickly taking in each person. What is the color of their aura, what is the tone of their presence, and what do you perceive that they are feeling? This can be very important in navigating a room, making friends or knowing if something is wrong.

While tuning into microexpressions and body language are good skills to have, there are some important factors that can really help you take your skills to the next level.

Grounding before engaging

When I am about to walk into a room, I take a moment to ground myself. I feel into my feet and imagine roots coming down from them into the earth. I check in with myself and make sure I am in tune with myself and my own feelings before I try to understand what is going on with the world around me. What I don’t want to create is a situation where I am projecting my feelings on the people around me, therefore causing confusion and a lack of ownership over my own emotions, all in the same moment.

Taking a breath, pausing, and recentering can help prevent a lot of issues with being in tune with others and really seeing the energy or aura someone is putting off.

Leverage your Subconscious

Psychic abilities may, in very simple terms, be the ability to leverage your own subconscious mind. While there is a lot of evidence that we can tap into connections far beyond what we think to be our own mind, I would like to start with the gold mine of untapped potential that we have within our own brain.

Honestly, our subconscious, which is the part of our mind operating unperceived below our consciousness, is really doing all the work anyway. Getting dressed, tying your shoes, driving a car, or even walking are often activities that we are not actively thinking about while performing them. We just tell our bodies to ‘do the thing’ and it is done. This is a great adaptive skill because it allows our minds to focus on more important things like the mysteries of the universe and what we want for dinner tonight.

With that being said, when we walk into the room and have a ‘first impression’ of someone, our impression is often a very accurate snapshot of this moment for that person. Especially if we are centered and grounded inside of ourselves, this information can be spot on.

Let go of Self-Doubt

One of the biggest obstacles of trusting our own impressions of a person, be it their mood or aura color, is giving in to self-doubt. Self-doubt is something that I have battled and embraced countless times in my life. What I learned is that if I hesitate I feed into that fear and I am much more likely to not act or to buy someone’s story about how I am wrong in my perception of them.

Reading Auras is for YOU

As much as reading auras for a group of friends is fun, sometimes the information you perceive about someone is NOT welcome. I recommend remembering that your spiritual gifts are for you, your perceptions are for you, and they can all be used to maximize your own growth and relationships if they are used in the right way. Practice loving people where they are at, and be ok with them being open only to what they perceive. I invite you to do the same. (In other words, trust in your own experiences, not in the ones I am telling you about here.)

Seeing Black in an Aura and what it may mean

black auraAccording to Swami Panchadasi, one of the first Yogis to write about the human aura back in 1912, seeing black as an aura can show hate, anger, revenge, malice, or evil intent. It is technically the result of several colors in your energy presenting themselves in their lowest aspects. These all pool together robbing each other of their lively and more vibrant aspects that you would normally see in chakras.

Other aspects of a black aura can mean pessimism, gloom, sadness or depression. This may be a good time to listen and be a strength for your friend who could very well be struggling. A perceived black aura can also mean that someone is very tired and isn’t getting enough sleep. Rest and self-care are crucial for healthy energy, emotions, and a vibrant life.

The last area that is important to note is that of a black aura representing evil or a “devilish” intent. When someone is wanting to do harm to either themselves or another this often comes from a place of disconnection. Loneliness, neglect, and disconnection can cause major issues for a person’s sense of purpose and tribe. This can lead to health issues, stress, mental health concerns, addiction, and possibly even violence.

Expect in the cases of a true sociopath, people who are starting to show black in their aura can nurture themselves back to health by intentionally creating meaningful connections. Make sure to stay balanced and own your own power if you choose to engage with and nurture people like this in your life.

Offline Book Sources: The Human Aura, Astral Colors and Thought Forms by Swami Panchadasi. 1912 Yogi Publication Society

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