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Hi, My name is Kirsten Campbell,

I am going to be honest with you, after spending years driving a ton of optimized traffic for my clients to their offer or website I have found the biggest gap for my clients is user experience and converting the traffic into sales. 

This is why I have spent the last few years taking my digital marketing skills to the next level to ensure that I can optimize your site for sales while also synergizing and maximizing each of your traffic channels. 

This means that I will meet you where you are and walk you and your team step by step to a higher conversion rate, more sales, and a consistent growth path. 

I personally have over 10 years of experience building systems online that work. I have spent my time creating specifically tested formulas to grow, optimize & scale with Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Website Building, User Experience, Direct Marketing, Media Buying/ Ads, Copy Writing, Video Editing, Graphic Design, and so much more. 

Send me a text at 619-413-6700, call, or email today and we can get started on your project

-Kirsten Campbell


Emily Murray
Emily Murray
I have been a part of the In-Flow team for several years, and I hope it's several more! I am constantly learning from Kirsten about digital marketing, SEO writing, editing, and the many various platforms and tools out there. She is not only a wealth of knowledge, she's a smart businesswoman, strategic in her efforts, firm and fair as a manager, and an all-around pleasure to know and work with. Kirsten has a way of empowering people, and I think it's because she is such an empowered person herself. If you're thinking of working with her as a client, or for her as a team member, I give this idea a big thumbs up.
Lisa Hansen
Lisa Hansen
Kirsten took the time to get to know my business and provided an amazing boost for us during the pandemic. Everyone at my company felt the lift and people continue to comment on the great content In Flow provided for us.
Micaela Barrios
Micaela Barrios
Working with Kristen has been immeasurably valuable for my life! She helped me increase my social media page views and interactions by over 200% in a surprisingly short period of time. She is a pleasure to work with, highly knowledgeable, and on top of that a genuinely great human!
Piano in Heels
Piano in Heels
Kirsten 100 percent changed my reach digitally and kept my music studio open throughout the pandemic because she helped me blow up across all platforms. I taught all over the world digitally because of her work. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and on top of all the newest algorithms. Highly recommend for any small business.
Marbe Campbell
Marbe Campbell
Wonderful help with my shop! Customized it to my products! I would recommend to everyone!
Digital Marketing Plan

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Digital Marketing, Social Media, and SEO Blog Team

Content Creation | Media Buying | SEO | Copywriting | CRO | Analytics 

Running a business can be hectic, and though social media presence is crucial to creating lasting brand loyalty and customer connections when your life gets busy, social media is the first thing to be ignored. So, let us run it for you. Here at In flow, we have 10 years of social media experience for all levels of business.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Having a holistic strategy for your digital marketing isn’t easy. You are likely busy running your own company and don’t have time to optimize all of the online channels for getting more sales and new customers. Let my team and I optimize and organize your digital marketing to make sure you are taking advantage of all the best strategies and tactics for a rapidly changing market.


Do you already have a team in place that is eager to learn but you aren’t sure how to guide them into making your online presence effective? Kirsten also offers consulting where she will come in, organize your team, customize strategies for each marketing channel and make sure you get results quickly!

Case Study: In the first Month Kirsten got a recent client from $24.91 in average daily sales to $169.78, in the next few months it is projected that they will keep scaling at this rate which means the sky is the limit! In that same month, FB followers grew by 1800, and traffic increased from 41,000 to 94,000.

These results aren’t because of luck, this is due to organizing all of the existing systems, improving targeting, teaching the existing team the latest tactics to attract the right audience, troubleshooting areas that are losing money, and optimizing sales pages.

It’s incredible what a one-month sprint can do for the trajectory of a company! What is a huge bonus to this client is that each of their existing team members is receiving specialized training for their angle of digital marketing to make sure they understand their impact on the big picture. These skills will carry themselves and the company forward for many years to come.

Services and Content

Social media requires a broad range of knowledge in multiple categories like tracking, curating, creating, and testing. Below are SOME of the items and benefits our team can bring to yours. 

  • SEO Strategy and Management: Let us make sure your page and articles are the first thing seen by search engines when users search for keywords. We write and optimize pages + blog articles on your website for SEO Google Ranking. 
  • Google Business Profile: All local businesses should have this set up and treat it like a social media channel. After we list all of your services we will post regularly so that Google algorithms and your next customer knows more about you and is excited to purchase.
  • Build Your Email List: Building a following on social media is often not enough to make money and build online success. Let us support your email list growth efforts with our traffic driving strategies.
  • Email Management: Once your email list is grown we will support you in making sure your email list is nurtured and your emails are optimized to land in the inbox.
  • Affiliate Management: Do you have an offer that would be great for affiliate marketing? We can help. We have an extensive network and are trained in how to make it as easy as copy and paste for your affiliates to promote your offer. We offer packages for building your program from the group up or for running and expanding your existing affiliate efforts.
  • Blog Reframing for Virality: All your blog posts going nowhere on Facebook/ online? We have a professional re-framer to take your blogs and give them the audience and attention they deserve.

  • Content Marketing: Let us leverage your content or create you new content that is designed with a specific call to action to get more sales and customers.
  • Article Creation Want to start a blog but have no time to write? Our team of trained writers can write multiple articles a day, that are all specific to your brand and ideas.
  • Podcast/ Youtuber? If you have hours of content that doesn’t also live on your website then you have come to the right place! We will take all of your content, transcribe it, turn it into SEO optimized blog posts and then post it on your site so that your keyword ranking goes through the roof!

Our team is located all over the world and mostly works from home. This means you have a team that works around the clock as well as has enough personal time to be rested and do high-quality work.

  • Automated Scheduling: Your page will run like clockwork. Using a combination of automated and manual scheduling, our team ensures there is viral content filtering through your pages all day!
  • Analytics and Data Updates: Each week we provide you with the numbers to show where we are succeeding and how we could improve. We leave nothing to chance. 
  • SEO Clean-Up Projects: Need help cleaning up the SEO on your website? We can help optimize your content and site to better perform with google and other search engines.
  • Compliance & Copyright: We work very hard to stay up to date about what is compliant on social media and google. We site only the highest quality of sources and use only images or video footage that we own the rights to. 

Sales after a few days of new strategies

  • Get Sales At the end of the day we need sales to pay the bills. Let us support your sales efforts with solid call-to-action strategies on your blog or social media content.
Actual Client Results Example: 
    • Revenue Increases in 2022 vs Same Timeframe in 2021
      • Total Gross Rev increased by 41%
      • Average Monthly Rev increased by 41%
      • Decreased ad spending by 47%

See more results and case studies here.

  • Organic Growth Strategy Don’t have the money to spend on costly ads? No problem, we will help you strategically schedule your page to create organic growth and traction. 
  • Social Ads: Ready to leverage ads to scale? GREAT! We know how to set up targeted ads to reach the right people, get them excited about your offer and then send them to your site.
  • CRO: Have sales pages or a website that isn’t converting? Let us take a look and help you make adjustments to increase your results.

Case Study: Another recent client is having huge success: “My Phone is ringing off the hook!” after we moved around a few buttons on their site and simplified the message. Now when you load their site it’s crystal clear what they offer and how to sign up.

  • Meme Creation Although simple, memes take a lot of time to create in bulk. With our team, we can quickly make you on-brand memes that reflect the feeling and vibe of your page.

  • Video Creation Video creation takes time and money. Our team can easily turn any article into its own video, using your content across multiple platforms to boost engagement and reach. 
  • Live Video Support Looking to go live but are stressed about handling the comments, and sharing during the video? We got you covered with live video support. 
  • Weekly or Monthly Strategy Calls Meet with us weekly or monthly to get updated on where your pages stand, and talk strategy on how we can improve. 
  • Trends & Virality Capture the next viral trend with our expert article framing and topic curation services. We stay up to date on the trends that matter most to your audience and community. 

  • Engagement Engaging your community is key to building a solid following that is excited to participate in your service or buy your product. We support your efforts with various hashtag strategies while engaging directly with your audience in post comments. 
  • Social Media Following: Are you tired of not having thousands or even millions of followers? We have spent years helping our clients build huge social media platforms! The benefit of this is it is easier to get bigger partnerships/deals, drive consistent organic traffic, and reach the hearts and minds of millions of people to create real social change. We specialize in not just getting you followers but finding you the right demographic-specific community members who are engaged, commenting, buying, and participating in your online offer or movement.

Read More Case Studies Here!