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Community In Flow works to promote conscious projects and influencers through social media. By diving deep into your industry and brand, we hone your voice and provide valuable content that nurtures your audience. We’ve been at this for years and have figured out how to drive traffic to your site organically, without boosting posts. But hey, getting a lot of attention on your page doesn’t matter unless it’s from the right people. And we don’t get you just anyone – we get you the right one – so, likes turn into leads, and leads turn into sales. We’re Facebook marketing experts, so you don’t have to be.

Kirsten Campbell has a Bachelor’s degree from Western Governors University in Business Management. She also studied nursing, phlebotomy, psychology, meditation, and leadership. Kirsten has been working in Social Media Management, Content Creation, Online Course Management, and Email Marketing since 2012. Kirsten is also a strategist, video editor, and podcaster who enjoys building and co-creating projects that help inspire and educate the world. Kirsten Founded Community In Flow and is so excited that she and her team get to help support so many great projects.

My name is Kirsten Campbell and I have been working on, in, and around social media, email marketing, SEO, and more since 2012. That may not sound like very long, but in this industry, it makes me a bit of an old soul. I have ridden the fickle waves of the algorithms for years and I have survived at least 3 Facebook and Google purges. If you are jumping on this rodeo, remember, it may feel like playing the stock market. (Yes, that means it’s a gamble.) The numbers will go up. And they will go down. But what I want to help you create is long-term, steady growth that enjoys the virality of posts when they come, but plans for the long haul. This means you’re working towards building a meaningful community by driving quality traffic, getting sales, and being able to save money. 

Let’s face it, not everyone is ready to hire a social media person or an agency right away. Small business owners especially need to be scrappy and able to wear multiple hats while getting a foothold online. 

So, through this site, I’m going to show you my organic strategy for Facebook and Google that my team and I have developed over the past several years. Driving organic traffic using Google and Facebook has become increasingly difficult over the years, and no one will tell you otherwise. But, by using the right strategies, you can both play by the rules and win online. 

In the last year, my team and I have used these principles to drive well over 63 million page views on our blog and reach over 432 million people on Facebook with our top 3 pages. 

We have built thriving communities, worked with influencers, found clients for small businesses, and so much more. 

Check me out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, anywhere else @kirsteninflow, and join my Facebook Group!

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