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Emily Murray
Emily Murray
I have been a part of the In-Flow team for several years, and I hope it's several more! I am constantly learning from Kirsten about digital marketing, SEO writing, editing, and the many various platforms and tools out there. She is not only a wealth of knowledge, she's a smart businesswoman, strategic in her efforts, firm and fair as a manager, and an all-around pleasure to know and work with. Kirsten has a way of empowering people, and I think it's because she is such an empowered person herself. If you're thinking of working with her as a client, or for her as a team member, I give this idea a big thumbs up.
Lisa Hansen
Lisa Hansen
Kirsten took the time to get to know my business and provided an amazing boost for us during the pandemic. Everyone at my company felt the lift and people continue to comment on the great content In Flow provided for us.
Micaela Barrios
Micaela Barrios
Working with Kristen has been immeasurably valuable for my life! She helped me increase my social media page views and interactions by over 200% in a surprisingly short period of time. She is a pleasure to work with, highly knowledgeable, and on top of that a genuinely great human!
Piano in Heels
Piano in Heels
Kirsten 100 percent changed my reach digitally and kept my music studio open throughout the pandemic because she helped me blow up across all platforms. I taught all over the world digitally because of her work. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and on top of all the newest algorithms. Highly recommend for any small business.
Marbe Campbell
Marbe Campbell
Wonderful help with my shop! Customized it to my products! I would recommend to everyone!

Kirsten Campbell's Case Studies

Digital Marketing Manager
Nutritional Growth Solutions – Healthy Heights
November 2022-Present

  • Led the digital marketing strategy for Healthy Heights, focusing on boosting brand visibility and product sales through comprehensive online campaigns.
  • Utilized data analytics to refine marketing approaches, enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Managed a diverse portfolio of digital channels, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social media, to drive consistent business growth and market expansion.

Digital Marketing Manager
Metabolic Maintenance & Methylpro
February 2024-Present

  • Oversee digital marketing efforts for both Metabolic Maintenance and Methylpro, with a focus on enhancing brand recognition and customer acquisition.
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies across various digital platforms, including SEO, content marketing, and social media, to drive product sales and market share.
  • Analyze market trends and performance metrics to continuously optimize campaigns and ensure alignment with business objectives.

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Wall Street Bound (Non-profit)
April 2023-Present

  • Spearheaded digital marketing initiatives to enhance online presence and engagement for this non-profit organization.
  • Implemented targeted social media campaigns and SEO strategies to increase awareness and support for financial education programs.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and execute integrated marketing strategies, leading to measurable growth in audience reach and program participation.

National Council of Jewish Women Arizona


July 2022 +

Non-profit Social Justice Organization @ncjwarizona

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Twitter
  • Social Growth
  • Membership
  • Fundraising + Donations

Digital Marketing Specialist
Nissan of Torrance
May 2023 – April 2024

  • Spearheaded content creation and social media management, significantly enhancing online engagement and dealership visibility.
  • Managed and optimized the Google Business Profile, resulting in substantial increases in customer interactions:
    • Google Shop interactions increased by 3%
    • Directions requests rose by 17%
    • Click-throughs went up by 1.2%
    • Google Service interactions grew by 33%
    • Directions requests for services increased by 60%
  • Effectively grew social media presence:
    • Facebook reach increased by 50%, followers by 6%
    • Instagram followers expanded to 1,550

Digital Marketing Specialist
Coastal Chevrolet
November 2023 – April 2024

  • Led digital marketing initiatives to enhance dealership visibility and customer engagement across digital platforms.
  • Improved Google Business Profile metrics significantly:
    • Google Shop interactions up by 145%
    • Calls increased by 150%
    • Directions requests surged by 322%
    • Click-throughs rose by 120%
    • Google Service interactions increased by 410%
    • Google Parts interactions up by 97%
  • Achieved remarkable growth on social media platforms:
    • Facebook reach increased by 18%, followers by 175%
    • Instagram reach grew by 340%, with followers increasing to 1,366


20k Followers @TrueTreatsHistoricCandy

Feb 2022 +

  • Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research 
  • Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Channel Analysis + Optimization + Analytics + Reporting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization + Heatmapping + User Experience
  • Email Welcome Series Added
  • Media Buying + Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Strategy/ Content Formulas

Big Picture Results Example: 

Without Consistent results we cannot scale properly
Revenue Increases in 2022 vs Same Timeframe in 2021
  • Total Gross Rev increased by 41%
  • Average Monthly Rev increased by 41%
  • Decreased ad spending by 47%

Shorter Term Results Example: Sept vs Oct 2022

After implementing new CRO Changes and Optimizing SEO The Client Experienced the following in their Organic Search Channel:

  • 700+ New Keywords
  • 24% increase in User Traffic
  • 77% increase in transactions
  • 59% increase in Revenue

Client was experiencing a plataue in their SEO Keyword Growth. I started with a new strategy in March of 2022 and you can see they have grown from 4,118 keywords to over 7,859 which is a 91% increase.

Social Media Reach and impact from Mar 2022-end of Sept 2022 compared to the previous equivalent time period.

  • FB Reach up 112%
  • Facebook Page Visits up 98%
  • Instagram Reach up 111%
  • Instagram Profile Visits up 15%

True Treats Social following increase compared to the previous equivalent timeline. 

  • Facebook Followers up 716%
  • Instagram Followers up 1100%

Email Marketing Optimization

Implemented welcome series and coordinated strategy between channels.

Example results: Sept vs Oct 2022

  • User Traffic up 144%
  • Conversions up 136%
  • Revenue up 337%


Natural Health Resources

25k Followers @YourNaturalHealthResources
Naturopath & Youtuber: Dr. Melissa Gallagher
Project Overview
Apr – Oct 1st, 2022
  • SEO strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Schema SEO Optimization
  • Blog Content Creation
  • Site Speed
  • CRO
  • Social Media Growth Hacking
  • Social Media consulting
  • Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Channel Analysis and Consulting

In this image above you can see the traffic impact on the site in staged after my start date of April 1st 2022. Increased Traffic to site by 216% in 6 mo.

Natural Health Resources: SEO Keyword Growth

When I started the project the client had 169 keywords and had reached a plateau in their growth. 

As you can see in this image over the space of 6 months we were able to increase keyword ranking from 169 to 573 which is a 239% increase. 

They keywords also brought in traffic impacting the image you see previously. 

Natural Health Resources: Social Media Growth

As part of my work with this client I also consulted with and guided their social media team. This improved their following and overall traffic impact from social media.

You can also see in this traffic image that social media drove more traffic during the time period that my social strategy was in place. 

In this follower image you can see that followers increased from around 9k to over 24k in the space of 6 months which is a 158% increase.

SEO Schema Keyword Test

2022 New SEO Tactic Implemented for several clients

As you may already know, new keyword ranking can take 3-6 mo or more to gain new ranking but we have found a tactic that is causing our clients to gain ranking within days and on average gain 40% new keywords within the first 2-3 weeks (max) which is blowing our minds.


If you see these pic examples below my clients were seeing slow steady growth from new SEO-optimized content but then once we added our new custom header codes to each article (in WordPress or Shopify the ranking jumped up almost overnight! This code is designed to do the heavy lifting for google so it doesn’t have to guess at what the content is about and they reward us with ranking right away when we use these codes.

Partha Nandi M.D. FACP - Ask Dr Nandi - Health Hero Shop


Product Site

1.5m Followers @AskDrNandi

Timeline: 2018 +

● Relationship: SEO + Social Media Management

● Built their Health Hero Shopify Website

● CRO Optimization

● Graphics

● Analytics

● Partnership Networking

● Supported the content marketing strategy to help educate the world about the work and TV show Ask Dr. Nandi featuring Dr. Partha Nandi as an inflencer in the health and wellness space. Helped grow their social media following on FacebookInstagramTiktok, and their blog

● I continue to work with this client and have both managed his team as well as hired new team members to support his overall strategy and efforts.

● Affiliate Management

● Part of our work with Dr Nandi was to create SEO optimized and trending health content to help educate his audience and then drive traffic to affiliate offers, events, and other promotions.

● Partha Nandi MD Facebook: 1.5m Followers

● Partha Nandi IG: 217k Followers

“We have worked with Kirsten and In Flow for over five years now and Kirsten is always professional, knowledgeable and up on the ever-changing social and digital media trends. Kirsten is organized and quick to say “yes” to new ideas and additional projects. We highly recommend working with Kirsten.”
Dr. Partha and Kali Nandi

Purity Labs

Supplement Product Site
Project Overview for March 15th 2022- Aug 15th 2022
  • Grew FB from 0 to 11,845 Followers
  • Grew IG to 1,426 Followers
  • 28 Keywords Ranking on shop from 0
  • Drove 3,355 Pageviews to the Website
  • Reached 497,221 people on Facebook
  • Produced 34 SEO Optimized Articles

Healthy Holistic Living


1.9m Followers @healthyholisticliving

Timeline: 2016 to 2022

● I started working with Healthy Holistic Living as a curator that would select content based on trends and testing, to go on our many partner pages on facebook. It took a deep understanding of viral content as well as an ability to predict with accuracy the response from various communities online.

● Within 6 months I took over the blog and all of trending viral article curation, testing, same day creation, and strategic scheduling.

Facebook page management and strategic partner scheduling generated as many as 10 million monthly unique visitors to the website, with an average of 4-6 million unique visitors per month during slower months 

● Recruited, trained and managed a team of writers, schedulers, testers, editors, analysts, and content producers.

● We produced between 60 and 120 articles per month based on testing and often produced content same day.

● Massive SEO clean up project adding meta, tags, keywords to 4k+ articles

● After forecasting changing algorithms I advised the client to move into a product line, (see myKore Essentials below)

● Networking and Partnership Management

● Affiliate support

ecoNugenics + Dr Isaac Eliaz

Brand + Influencer Combo

ecoNugenics Website

Dr Eliaz Website

● Timeline: 2019 – Feb 2022

● Relationship: SEO + Social Media

● ecoNugenics

● Supported the content marketing strategy to help educate the world about the incredible products that ecoNugenics has formulated. Helped grow their social media following on Facebook and their blog

●SEO Analytics + Keyword Research + Optimization

●Digital Marketing Support

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: 

● Helped Dr. Isaac Eliaz build a solid online community primarily on Facebook while also building up the SEO and content on his Blog.

● ecoNugenics Facebook: Grew by 39K Followers

● Dr. Isaac Eliaz Facebook: Grew by 149k Followers

● Management of Linkedin Growth for Dr Eliaz and Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas

● Networking and Partnership Management

Organifi and the network of brands + Drew Canole

Organifi Website

Timeline: 2015 to 2019 

● Relationship: Service provider- Blog and Social Media Management

● Organifi:  Assisted Organifi in becoming a fortune 500 company

○ Participated in conversations and planning surrounding product development and research, formulation, taste testing, packaging, FDA compliance, labeling, some supply chain conversations, and any other tasks that were required to bring the product and company to life 

● Marketing strategy and execution 

● network: 

● Managed the social media campaigns of a network of Facebook pages, websites, and blogs that were owned by the founder, Drew, Juicing VegetablesPositive truth, and fitness motivation, the largest site in the network grew its following as such: 

● Facebook: 3.55 million followers 

● YouTube: 511K followers 

● Instagram: 170K followers

● Networking and Partnership Management

● Organization Core Values Contributor

● Product Testing and Formulation Consulting From Social Trends Perspective



Timeline: 2018 – 2021

● Social Media Management + Content Creation

● Blog Management

● SEO Management

● Affiliate Management

● Lifestyle Photography

● Helped brand navigate compliance issues working with Hemp CBD online

● Healthy Holistic Living Client was facing changes in how online traffic is monetized so I suggested they start a product line, thus was created myKoreEssentials which is now the monetized backbone of the massive online community Healthy Holistic Living.



Timeline- July 2021- Feb 2022

● Added 6,851 Demographic Specific Facebook followers 

● Added 1,828 Demographic Specific Instagram followers 

● Strategically Scheduled Content for their Social Media Account
● Supported SEO efforts in order to increase ranking and traffic
● Leveraged groups to drive local traffic.

● Build Online Ambassador Program

● Worked with Tech Team to fix major plugin issues left over from previous teams

● Connected YTW with higher-level Tech experts to support whole site Advanced CRO efforts

Rhythmic Health



Built social following and blog from the ground up

● 99 Niche Specific Keywords in the top 100

● 14,304 Organic PV Driven in 3 mo

● 11k + Fb Followers

● Built high quality engaged shopping and high-income niche of demographic-specific followers

Dr. Morgan Camp ● Be Serene


Timeline: 2020-2021

Brand + Influencer Combo

Dr. Morgan Camp Facebook page grew from 1,619 followers up to 19,468. 

We did a little bit of work growing Dr. Morgan’s Instagram page as well.

Organic Social Engagement: We got 248,410 engagements on the account which as you can see over time grew especially in comments.

This audience is very primed to talk directly with Dr. Morgan and participate as a community. 

●Organic Reach was 264,153 

Inesa Ponomariovaite - Influencer Marketing
Nesa's Hemp - CBD Brand


Brand + Influencer Combo

Timeline: 2020-2021

Assisted Nesa’s with content creation, social growth, SEO, SEO optimized Articles and more.

Nesa’s Hemp 

●Facebook Followers: 1,366 up from 735, 85.85%

●Engagement: 1,440 Organic Reach: 26,923

●Followers: 3,275 up from 2,756, 18.83%

●Reach: 15,837 Impressions: 56,250

●Content Interactions: 2,432

Linkedin Nesa’s Hemp
●Followers: 147 up from 25, 488.00%

Blog: Pageviews: 49,619.

●Social Sessions: 3,102

●Organic Sessions: 10,001

Inesa Influencer:

●Followers: 5,575 up from 0

●Engagement: 10,911

●Reach: 191,405

Publisher in a Box

2019 -2021

● Blog Team Management

● Recruiting Blog Writers

● SEO Content Creation Training

● Managing of team Moral

● Invoicing and Paying Writers

● Client Acquisition and Sales

Kettlebell Works


● Social Media Management on Facebook and Instagram

● Content Scheduling

● Comment/Engagement Management

● Fb Group Sharing Strategy

● Analytics Reporting

● Marketing Consulting

● Networking for Email Affiliate Sends

1 mo Example of Stats Report from Social Media

Martin Clinic


● Livestream Support

● Social Media management on Facebook and Instagram

● Content Scheduling

● Comment/Engagement Management

● Fb Group Sharing Strategy

● Analytics Reporting

● Marketing Consulting

● Blog SEO Consulting

Example 1 mo Social Media Report



● Livestream Support

● Social Media management on Facebook and Instagram

● Content Scheduling

● Comment/Engagement Management

● Fb Group Sharing Strategy

● Analytics Reporting

● Product Posting and Shop Tagging

Example 1 Mo Social Report

Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN -


Timeline: 2018 – 2019

“In Flow did an outstanding job for us. Kirsten Campbell and her Team’s constant attention to detail produced:
● 80% increase in Facebook followers 

● Doubled, yes doubled our daily average number of visits to Facebook
● Video Views are up 77.9% from the previous year.
● Engagement was up 142% and
● Followers were up 416% from the previous year

Kirsten and her Team produced what they said they would, and went way past what we expected. Extremely professional, attentive and responsive, I have no hesitancy in recommending them to you. Thank you Kirsten and Team”

Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN


Timeline- 2018-2020

● Assisted Trudog in becoming a Fortune 500 Company

● Managed over 50 breed pages + Content Creation

● Created SEO-optimized dog breed care guides to support pet parents with their fur babies. We educated using content while also strongly backlinking to suggested products.

● Ran Facebook and Instagram Ads + supported the growth of the overall company’s direct sales revenue

● Created Text videos to create multiple content formats for easy consumption online.

● Facebook page and Blog

“Working with Kirsten and her team has been a great experience! Their Team of skilled writers in an all-in-one resource for content management—from writing and publishing blog articles to curating social media videos.

Coupled with In Flow’s pool of talent, is a dedicated Project Manager that provides weekly updates to our Team and new ideas for content generation to leverage in our marketing efforts.

This dedicated Team has learned our business to provide the best deliverables for our needs and has been an asset in keeping our content fresh and engaging, while keeping in mind best SEO practices.”
-Megan Gossard — Better Choice Company, TruDog


“Kirsten and her team at InFlow are amazing. They were super professional. On time and under budget even if we went out of scope from time to time they were always accommodating.

The best part about Kirsten and her team was their ability to really listen to us as a client and overdeliver. They work and play well with other vendors and deliver superior content. I’d recommend Kirsten and her team, to anyone, as a great plug-and-play content solution to meet growing demands of day-to-day marketing operations.”

-Christian Adams Marketing Manager

JJ Virgin - Influencer + Product Brand

Social Media Manager + Consultant


● Grew Facebook page from 60k followers to 100k

● Supported Marketing Strategy for Book Launch

● Recipe Videos

● Product lifestyle photos

● Marketing Strategy Support from a Social Media Angle

Capitol Colorectal Surgery

Social Media Manager – 2021

● Added 500 local Facebook followers 

● Created content for their social media account

● Supported their local SEO efforts in order to increase ranking and traffic.

● Leveraged groups to drive local traffic.

● Optimized SEO

Pro To Col Sport Systems

● Consulted in 2017 – Suggested Social Strategy + 15-min Free Assessment Lead Gen (Still most effective strategy today)

● Digital Marketing Support 2022

● Supported with Website Optimization

● Website User Experience + CRO

● SEO image compression + Speed + Core Vitals

● Transcripted Videos in SEO Optimized Articles

● Yelp Optimization

● Google Business Profile Optimization

● Facebook Group Leveraging


Social Media Manager – 2021

● Added 1000 local Facebook followers 

● Created content for their social media account

● Supported their local SEO efforts in order to increase ranking and traffic.

● Leveraged groups to drive local traffic.

● Optimized SEO

Massage By Design

SEO, CRO, Digital Marketing 2020 +

● SEO Optimization on the main site and 80 subsites nationwide

● Support Google Business Profile Strategy

● Marketing Consulting

● Optimize Testimonials + Website Content Creation

● Advanced SEO page keyword Optimization

● Blog Content Creation

● Linkedin Page Growth and Support

● Live Stream Social Support

● New Website CRO Layout

Center for Digestive Health

Social Media Manager + Content Creation – 2021

● Added 850 local Facebook followers 

● Created content for their social media account

● Supported their local SEO efforts in order to increase ranking and traffic.

● Leveraged groups to drive local traffic.

● Optimized their website SEO

Flourish Therapy


● Basic Social Media Growth Support

● Content Creation

● Volunteer Project for a non-profit

Sarah L ● Piano in Heels

Timeline: 2018 – 2019

● Tiktok Page 28.6k Followers

“Kirsten’s guidance helped me see how to make sure that my educational posts were getting in front of an audience—and an audience who actually wanted to hear what I was teaching—instead of just talking to a vacuum.

My post reach went from 20-30 to 3000 in the course of a month with no effort and no ads.

My page tripled in size and my booking for clients became effortless, both from locals and from digital clients all over the country.

I had been using Facebook ads with no real increase in likes, booking or messages, and with Kirsten’s consultation, I stopped throwing my money away on useless ads and started getting real revenue.”
-Sarah L. Piano in Heels


Timeline- 2018-2020

“Kirsten has been an instrumental and integral part of helping me to grow my online presence! She has guided me through the fog of Facebook ads to help me create successful ads which have grown my community and personal boundaries program exponentially.

Her response to questions and issues is always timely and spot on. I am grateful for her knowledge and experience in the world of social media!”

Jillian Christy The Boundaries Coach

Marbe Campbell ● Marbe’s Knitted Creations

“Over the past two years, I have watched as my small business’ online orders have progressively been cut in half each year.

This year I partnered with In Flow to optimize search keywords, edit my ad copy, and improve the overall user experience.

This resulted in more than a 300% increase in sales this year… and still climbing. Thanks In Flow! I’m thrilled with the results.”

– Marbe C

Etsy Shop

Earth We Are One


● Social Media Manager – Managed over 2.5m total followers across network pages

● Blog Manager

● Wrote 3 blog posts per day + Managed a team of writers

● Meme creation + Graphic Design

● Scheduled and managed 10 network pages


● Social Media Manager

● Maintain scheduling and Optimization

● Daily Blog Writing

● Framing Social Media Posts for Virality

Social Media Mastermind Presentation


“Excellent social media presentation and the information was educational. Thank you Kirsten Campbell for your time and sharing your professional knowledge to our mastermind group.”

– Alicia Moreno, Chrome Plating USA

Spirit Science + Panic-to-Freedom


Blog Manager, Content Creator, Social Media, Email Marketing, Coaching, Facilitating

2012- 2014

● Worked with Social Team to Grow Facebook Page for Spirit Science from 200k to 4.3m Followers

● Daily Blogging = Millions of PV per mo

● Management and Generation of Google Ads Revenue 2-3k per day

● Management on online Email List for Panic to Freedom Program

● Facilitator at the Panic to Freedom Program

● Content Curator for The Daily Kitty

In House Projects

Want to see what a digital marketing content-creating social media manager does to keep her skills sharp? Check it out!


This is a page all about consciousness and living life in the flow state. I love to use humor and wit to ask people to challenge their assumptions and expand to new levels of thinking.

I am also a big fan of the flow state and work hard to optimize my own understanding of flow to maximize my own work, play, and life efforts.



We love hiking so much that Lisa Ritz and Kirsten Campbell hiked 2,650mi total on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019. Hiker trash for Life! 

This is my adventure page, I like to showcase photography skills, video editing, leveraging humor for virality, and more.

We are looking to expand this page so that we can leverage it as a shop for Hiking + Backpacking humor.

● 21k Facebook Followers

● 683 IG Followers

Other Projects for In Flow

There are always more future projects in the wings, here is your sneak peek…

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Art of Flow Gaming

In Flow Motion

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