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Before you create a video, you may want to understand who is hanging out on each social media platform, what types of videos they like to watch, and how to format the video for success. 

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Mobile-Friendly videos are a MUST!

Why videos are important on social media.

Now we’re gonna work about each platform. We’re gonna go over each one and talk about what types of videos you wanna do for each platform. Some of the demographics there just to refresh. For example, on Facebook, they do allow you to have up to 240 minutes long of a video, they recommend around three minutes.

However, as you heard in the last video, people drop off after two. It’s important to really pack a punch, make sure you’re making really engaging videos.

There’s a few different types of videos. You can do stories. You can do kind of more of a wide frame video that you put up that would be also formatted. Similarly for YouTube, you can make square videos, which work really well for mobile. Since most of our viewers are going to be on mobile, you’re gonna wanna take advantage of that.

Stories are tall videos. You have different of a ratio and they are much more like the five to 15 seconds. And, and you can also make ads that way, that they can insert videos and insert stories as well. I have some of this, the length here, the size recommendations. I also have some demographic stats. 43% of women and 57% men on this platform, 83% of women and 75% of men that are on the internet in total have a Facebook account.

So this is a huge platform. We have 2.3, 7 billion, monthly active users and 500 million. People watch videos every single day, 84% of video marketers share videos on Facebook and Facebook gets 8 billion video views daily.

Facebook has become the biggest video platform on the internet. I know a lot of people use YouTube, but YouTube is more of a how to do this, how to do that, or I want to sit back and watch longer videos.

Grab Focus In the First 3 Seconds

Facebook is much more just a scrolling platform. The first three seconds is so important. It really needs to grab their attention and pull them in and then keep them engaged. Instagram video is different from Facebook, but very similar. It’s a lot more focused on stories. You can put a story on Instagram and have it bounce it straight to Facebook. Your Facebook and your Instagram stories can be synced and be the same. You only need to post it once, which is nice. They have Instagram TV, which is a viewing platform.

We can have videos up to 10 minutes. The first minute of it goes on the grid. You can have up to a one-minute video on your actual grid that people scroll on their little time line and C and the size ratio is here. It’s tall videos. You can do square videos for your grid, but since everything’s really optimized to be for Instagram TV recommends.

Sticking with this aspect ratio right here, nine 16. The demographic there’s 1 billion, monthly users, 500 million daily users. There’s a huge chunk of them that are younger. There’s a huge percentage of the younger audience that is on Instagram, that they all have I account. It’s a pretty, fairly, it’s a pretty common platform for people to in consume their content in that age group.

Whereas Facebook is a little bit older. You have a lot of seniors and a lot of people between the ages of 15 and 64 are actually on Facebook. It’s a good place to reach them. If they’re your demographic for YouTube, they really engage content. If you’re, if you’re good at making it and you’re doing a good job, recommend videos of the length of 10 to 15 minutes, you also wanna make sure that the it’s framed really well, that the image is really nice.

See when you’re on Facebook and when you’re on Instagram, they just auto start playing for the most part. It’s not as important that you have a solid thumbnail, though. I do recommend you still do it. It looks clean and it looks nice, especially when people just click on your page and then click on your videos.

They can just see it all lined out. It’s got a nice title on it or whatever, and it’s just easy to click on. Of course, with all images, try to make the text less than 20% of the image so that it doesn’t impede its reach.

You don’t have to do text at all on ’em, but just something to know for Instagram and Facebook for YouTube, it’s got 2 billion, monthly users, and over 90% of 18 to 44-year-old Americans said that they watch YouTube, and 80% of people from the age of 45 to 60, or also watch videos on YouTube, 50% are female, and most people on the platform have a college degree.

It’s a nice place to educate people, a nice place for people to, DIY projects or how two videos. If you were to put out a video on either unboxing product usage, YouTube is a fantastic place to put it. It’s really simple to put up a YouTube video and then embed it inside of your article.

Now, technically you can embed photos and, and videos from Facebook as well, and Instagram to your articles on most platforms, especially WordPress, but youtube is kind of a standard platform that will toss things up and then embed it inside of a website.

Tiktok Video Content Insights

TikTok is a newer platform, but it has exploded. 1 billion users, most of it is, are younger, more male than female and just hugely younger population. Now what’s interesting about TikTok. Even if your demographic isn’t over here, it’s good to keep an eye on the younger platforms because as YouTube and Facebook want to make themselves, imortal, they will start targeting more and more.

Younger Demographics Consuming Video

What younger generations want. Younger generations typically want short form content. They want it to be super engaging. They want to give you five seconds to really get them in, to enroll them. After 15 seconds, they’re gonna be bored. They’re gonna drop off. 15 to 62nd videos is all TikTok, is it about? And they really prioritize. If you get a full watch to through or multiple watch throughs, that’s what they prioritize in the algorithm.

Pay attention to this because some of these other platforms are gonna start making their content follow the trends of TikTok so that they can keep exploding in users as well.

A lot of the younger groups of people say that they don’t want to be on Facebook because they don’t wanna be hanging out with their parents are. Facebook might eventually create more platforms that feel separate, that are much more along the lines of how TikTok operates.

Video on Twitter?

Next. We get into some of our other platforms that I’m sure you’ve heard of. So we have Twitter. Twitter has videos on there. They have ’em up to 140 seconds. So they’re not very long. It’s a good place to put up just of content here and there.

Keep people engaged. They, seem to prefer square videos, but I would definitely recommend testing a one-to-one ratio square video on there. Since most users are still on their mobile device, 321 million monthly users, 34% of Twitter users are female. 66% are male.

Just keep that in mind when you’re making content, 90% of Twitter video views happen on mobile. 90% of Twitter video views happen on mobile. So just another mobile-centric platform.

Linkedin Video Insights

LinkedIn, we have three to 10, three-second to 10-minute video. Something to keep in mind is you can’t insert a thumbnail at this point, they will likely change that in the future.

Right now it’s a younger video platform. They perform really well. I recommend around two minutes for a video, but I also recommend having your first image be whatever you want for the thumbnail. You can insert just a one-slide image of your actual cover, a thumbnail that you would’ve put on, like for example, a YouTube video, but you don’t have to do it that way.

You could just let it be what it is, cuz it’s just gonna start auto-playing. The demographic is 50% male they’re 43% female, 25% of millennials have a LinkedIn account. 260 million monthly active users is a great place to post content that is targeted towards other business owners towards professionals.

Videos On Pinterest

You can educate and work really well over here with video Pinterest, we have 30 minutes max, but they recommend one to three minutes, especially if you’re gonna do any ads.

It’s this the aspect ratio right here, we have 70% of users are female. 80% of them are mothers. Just so if you’re looking for a woman, a mother buying for children’s products, husband, products, those kinds of things. This is a nice place to hang out and find them.

Half of Pinterest users earn 50,000 or more a year and 250 million monthly users Snapchat. You can make up to 10, second videos. They do disappear over time. It’s a very, easy come easy go. It’s not gonna, it’s not gonna last your content. You have to keep it fresh all the time. Kind of like stories.

Instagram Stories Tips

If you’re already doing stories for Instagram, you might as well put them up over here and start building of traction. Here’s your aspect ratios for those videos, tall demographic, 93 million users, 61% are female, again, a younger audience. It’s so keep an eye on this one and use it in the same way that we use linked kind of as if you can study the differences of like, what, why is I’m sorry, not LinkedIn of TikTok.

I would definitely look at TikTok and see what they’re doing better than Snapchat because they’ve grown so much faster and they are reaching a much bigger audience. So that’s very important.

Keep Social Media Content Mobile Friendly

Again, mobile friendly is a mosque. If you’re making videos, I, I can’t stress. This enough of mobile phone viewers are thought to reach 175 million people. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices. 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.

They’re just very quick to hit that, share button, text it to their friends, send it over Facebook messenger or somehow give it to them. So check it out, keep them engaged. And here’s why we need videos. I, if you haven’t taken a chance to listen to last videos, stats, you’re gonna, mind blown. It’s incredible how impactful these things are.